Who and what is a Blowsoc?

We are one of the largest music societies at The University of Nottingham and are home for all Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and String Bass players.

The Society is made up of seven un-auditioned ensembles: Concert Band, Brass Band, Saxes, Clarinets, Flutes, Double Reeds and Percussion. Once a member of the society all you have to do is turn up and join in! Rehearsals are completely student led, friendly and informal (also include biscuits). Many socials are also arranged within the groups, from curry and quiz nights to pub crawls and house parties - you will soon get to know everyone!

The other two groups that are part of the big Blowsoc family are Wind Orchestra and The Moonlighters Big Band. Both these groups are auditioned (which are held in fresher's week) and give keen players the opportunity to play challenging repertoire to a high standard. The Wind Orchestra is led by a professional conductor, George Morton, and Moons are hired out to play at events throughout the year across Nottingham. Click on their pages to find out more!

The whole society is run by a team of people, broken into two committees, Artistic and Executive. Artistic are in charge of the running and conducting of each ensemble, and Exec manage all the behind-the-scenes stuff which needs doing for the society to run smoothly. Have a read of their bios to see who is who!

We are the Society for all Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and String Bass players at Nottingham Uni

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