Who and what is Blowsoc?

Welcome to Blowsoc! We are the music society for people who play woodwind, brass, percussion, and big band rhythm instruments. Blowsoc is a very welcoming society. In previous years we have had members join who have never picked up a wind instrument, to members who have passed their diploma level on their instrument. Our executive committee, in fact, is made up of three first-study pianists! The society is extremely welcoming to people learning a new instrument, and you will always find someone in the society to help you learn. We also have our auditioned ensembles for excellent and high-quality music-making. 


We are the home of 9 ensembles, 5 of which are small unauditioned ensembles (clarinets, saxophones, flutes, percussion, and double reeds), 2 large unauditioned ensembles (concert band and brass band), and 2 auditioned ensembles (Wind Orchestra and Moonlighters Big Band). Auditions are held in Freshers Week, and you can sign up by finding our stall in the Sports Centre or in the music department.

​                              Wind Orchestra Audition Weekend: 28th - 30th September 2018

                              Moonlighters Big Band Audition Weekend: 6th - 7th October 2018

To get involved, just pay £6 membership, and attend the rehearsals! There is always lots of biscuits available every week, and everyone is up for a chat in the breaks. Click here to pay for membership.

Find out more about our ensembles:
Small ensembles click here
Large ensembles click here
Auditioned ensembles click here


We have frequent concerts throughout the academic year. Our Lunchtime Concert Series, joint with Mussoc, gives players in ensembles an opportunity to play every week. These are held every Tuesday and Friday, 1.15pm to 2pm, in the Djanogly Recital Hall, Music Department. Our Wind Orchestra also performs once a term in a prestigious venue, and our big band, Moonlighters (often shortened to Moons) play frequently at venues across Nottingham, as well as at university balls and events. Small ensembles have also visited schools and care homes over the past few years to play music (see Music Outreach). We've also done a lot of busking around Nottingham, especially at Christmas time!

All of our ensembles are run by students, and our ensembles are conducted by members too! We have conducting workshops throughout the year to teach those who are new to conducting, as well as workshops for members who are more experienced. Additionally, we hold auditions every year to decide who the conductors of our ensembles are.


Our committee is made up of two parts. The executive committee help with the every day running of the society, such as advertising, creating socials, organising our tour, and help with all of the behind the scenes action too. The artistic committee consist of our conductors and managers, and they bring all of our music-making to life. If you have any problems, or want a chat, please speak to us at any point, in person or online. Find out more about our committee here

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