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Only our Wind Orchestra and Moonlighters Big Band are auditioned. Informal auditions are held in the first few weeks of the academic year. Use this page to request an audition slot. You can audition on more than one instrument. In your message, please include which ensemble you’d like to audition for, and which of the dates you’re available. You can also request a specific time if you wish. Everyone wanting to join either ensemble has to audition, even if they were in the band last year. Don’t feel like you have to wait for a vacancy to audition; everyone starts on a level playing field (including the society committee members)! You do not have to sign up here; please feel free to come to talk to us in the foyer of the music department (near the south entrance of UP campus – building number 33 on most campus maps) and sign up for an audition there if you prefer! We’ll be there 9-4 between Monday 21st and Wednesday 23rd of September to answer any queries about anything for the society.

Wind Orchestra – 26/27 September
Please prepare a piece of your choosing. You will also be asked to play a short section as sight-reading. The piece must be shorter than 5 minutes, and can be accompanied or otherwise. If you require an accompanist, please state this in your message. You will be able to practice for a short while with the accompanist before the audition. The audition panel consists of our conductor Adam Whittaker alongside the Wind Orchestra managers Josh and Alice. There may also be a member of the Blowsoc executive committee present. The orchestra’s composition is decided jointly by Josh, Alice and Adam.

Moonlighters – 3/4 October
Once you have booked an audition slot using this form, you can pick up the audition piece to practice from our stall in the music department. This will be unaccompanied. If you are not a vocalist, there will also be a small amount of sight-reading in the audition, and instrumentalists will have the opportunity to do some accompanied improvisation. The improvisation is not compulsory, but we recommend you give it a go, even if you’ve never done any improv before! Vocalists will be asked to do a short piece of sight-singing, which we know is extremely hard. We expect pianists, guitarists and bassists to be able to read written music and to interpret chords. The audition panel for the Moonlighters auditions consists of the band’s manager Oli and the musical director Matt. Also present will be a member of the executive committee. Oli and Matt will decide the outcome of the auditions and will let you know within a couple of days of the auditions.

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