Music Outreach

This year we are excited to build on last year's committee's work in setting up an official new project to engage with the local community using our music. While it is of course part of what we aim for, our music isn't just about performing to the highest standard in the nicest possible venue with the biggest audience, but also about sharing our passion and love of music within the community, aiming to improve the well-being of others and brighten people's day. We are setting ourselves the challenge of doing at least five community outreach projects a semester.

We plan on achieving this through performances in local care homes and community centres,                                                                                                                doing some busking around town and visiting schools, as well as inviting school pupils to our                                                                                                                free lunchtime concerts. This project is in its early days and so we are very much open to ideas                                                                                                                   of how we could engage with the local community - let us know if you have any suggestions!

Programme Outreach Performances To Date:

  • Saxophone Ensemble and Clarinet Ensemble have led two different assemblies at Round Hill Primary School
  • Some of our Brass players visited John Clifford Primary School, leading an assembly and a year 6 music lesson​
  • A class from Dunkirk Primary School attended our Concert Band Lunchtime Concert
  • Our Double Reeds Ensemble have performed twice at Fitzroy, a care home in Lenton and to the juniors at Dunkirk Primary School
  • Saxophone Ensemble led an assembly at Dunkirk Primary School
  • Flute Ensemble performed at Nottinghamshire Hospice
  • Various members have visited Milford Academy on two occasions, teaching the children about different instruments in the orchestra 
  • Concert Band travelled to Chesterfield to perform a joint concert with North East Derbyshire Music Centre's Festival Band, a band of local school students with the aim of showing them how they can get involved with music at University!
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