Here are some videos of the Clarinet ensemble on the Blowsoc Youtube channel...

Rehearsals: 3:20 - 4:30pm, Wednesday, Rehearsal Hall, Music Department

Saxophone Ensemble runs as an un-auditioned ensemble offering a wide ranging and innovative repertoire for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. While often playing jazz, the ensemble goes further tackling contemporary compositions, complex arrangements and audience favourites in a range of genres. Weekly rehearsals take place in a fun and friendly atmosphere and offer the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded musicians. From small quintets to orchestral tangos, the Saxophone Ensemble is never afraid to try out new concepts in order to put on a great show. We have also started playing various short concerts at local care homes each term, which has been great to outreach to the local community. Each year there is the opportunity to audition to conduct the Saxophone Ensemble or run for manager for the following academic year. Contact Rachel Stephenson if you have any questions.

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