Hello Everyone!

My name is Lara and I am the Tour Manager for Blowsoc this year. I'm thrilled to announce that the location for this year’s tour will be Amsterdam. Blowsoc has not travelled to The Netherlands since 2003, and I have absolutely no doubt that our trip will be as incredible as the last if not better!

For those of you who don't know what our tour involves, every year we go somewhere in Europe, generally playing three concerts (one with the orchestra, one with Moonlighters Big Band, and one joint concert with both ensembles). Of course, even though we are a music society, our schedule is packed with far more than just concerts! There are also many opportunities to explore the country or city however you like - so whether you're an enthusiast for visiting every unique attraction on earth; whether you tend to buy as many souvenirs as could fill an Argos catalogue; or whether you just prefer to chill, go shopping and have a drink - there are so many ways to enjoy tour in your own way.

Undecided? I was in exactly the same boat last year - I was only in a few of the ensembles, I was worried about having enough time for work and I wasn't sure if it was right for me. Also none of my previous schools had offered music tours so I didn’t know what to expect, let alone whether I’d enjoy it! But after an incredible tour to Slovenia I was eager to run for tour manager, so clearly there was something about tour that I couldn’t stay away from!

Tour is one of the most fun weeks in your university year (if not THE most fun week!), and whether you don't know anyone or you're the biggest name on campus, the social aspect of tour gives you the chance to get to know some great people. Though the coach journey takes a while, you’ll find that the hours fly by so easily when you're enjoying yourself!

And to top it all off, how many times will you be able to say that you’ve performed in beautiful venues across the Netherlands?! Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ stunning capital city and if you have a look online you’ll see from the beautiful photos why we are so excited to be going there. To see the kind of fun we get up to, check out the Blowsoc Tour 2016 video where we went to Slovenia!

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to contact me! Otherwise I look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!


Destination: Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Price: £358 per person (includes travel, accommodation, breakfast, and an extra TBC)

Dates: Tuesday 2nd May 2017 - Sunday 7th May 2017

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